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I. G.

This is interesting, thank you! Are fuits/vegetabley your only carb-source or do you eat rice/potatoes as some versions of the Paleo diet allow for (before a long run or intense workout)? Is it a common diet among runners? I only knew that it is popular in the crossfit community...


Hi Katie! It's always interesting to read your blog. It really gives us an idea of what is day-to-day life as a pro athlete.Your tips about diet and training are always relevant. Keep up the good work, your enthusiasm in inspiring!
Wish you a long and successful career.
A fan from France
p.s: whenever you and your husband want to come in France and visit, you're welcome!

Katie Mackey (Follett)

Thanks for the comments!! I appreciate the support and feedback:-)

In response to your question I.G., I do eat rice, quinoa and potatoes to make sure I'm getting enough carbs in- I also on occasion use GU Energy Gels as I need them during workouts (which are not part of the paleo diet at all, which is why I estimate 90% of my diet is paleo). There's another paleo book written specifically for athletes (The Paleo Diet for Athletes) also by Cordain and Friel that elaborates on this a bit more if you're interested in an informative read!


Could you provide what a sample day of eating for you would be like? I'm trying to eat a cleaner, balanced diet.

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great man :D

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